About Us

We are a company specializing in the production, trade and new product development of functional fabrics and special overalls. The company has more than 100 employees, with computer sewing machine, keyhole button machine, knotting machine, five-wire machine, buried machine, double needle machine, nail four button machine, pull machine, tape cutting machine, big ironing machine Advanced equipment such as computer platesetters. All products are in line with national standards and European and American standards.

Our products are mainly exported to Europe, North America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, with an annual production of more than 400,000 sets of garments. The company has a weaving department, dyeing and finishing department, quality inspection department, clothing department and so on. The engineers and technicians have many years of experience in developing various functional garments and fabrics, and have close cooperation with many domestic research institutes and raw material manufacturers engaged in the development of functional garments and fabrics, and successfully developed a series of high-level product.

The series of products and related international certifications that have been formed are as follows:
1. Fluorescent fabric and fluorescent (high visibility) overalls: polyester-cotton interwoven fabric fluorescent, T/C fluorescent, polyester fabric fluorescent, nitrile chloride/cotton fluorescent. Fluorescence can reach ENISO20471 standard.
Second, flame retardant fabrics and flame retardant overalls: permanent flame retardant, divided into CP and Pruben (PROBAN) two kinds of post-processing flame retardant, the product weight is 150g/m2-450g/m2, the fabric has pure cotton, Flame-retardant functions such as CVC, cotton brocade (cotton), cotton and linen, cotton knit, etc., can be tested by TUV:SGS and other authoritative institutions to reach European ENISO11612 (formerly EN531), ENISO11611 (formerly EN470>, ENISO14116{former EN533) American Fire Protection Association NFPA2112_2012 standard.

Third, anti-static fabrics and anti-static overalls: cotton, polyester-cotton blended, polyester and other anti-static clothing fabrics, imported or domestic high-quality conductive silk, divided into mosaic and wrap weaving, is the oil field, gas station , coal mines, ideal work clothes for field power supply operations, clothing conductive performance through the EN1149, GB/T12703-1991 standard.
4. Anti-acid and alkali fabrics and acid-proof and alkali-proof overalls: It can effectively prevent the damage of acid and alkaline liquid splashes to the human body. It implements ENISO13043, GB/12012-1989 and GB/T3923-1997 standards.

Five or three anti-fabricated fabrics (Teflon) overalls: the fabric has anti-oil, waterproof and easy decontamination functions. It is made of imported or domestically-made additives for post-processing. The garment has outstanding resistance to washing and water pressure resistance, and implements ENISO343, GB/ T14577-93 standard, can also be equipped with Teflon tag.
Sixth, other special fabrics and overalls: anti-infrared finishing (military supplies), camouflage fabrics, aramid fabrics, nitrile chloride/cotton fabrics, anti-mosquito, UV-resistant fabrics, flame-retardant anti-static acid-proof fabrics, and more clothing Full-face protection of the function.

Security protection is the foundation of our roots. Integrity, innovation, quality and service are our business philosophy. Safety comes from technology, and professionalism ensures that safety is at the heart of our technology. We will warmly welcome domestic and foreign colleagues to cooperate and develop together with quality service.


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