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Full supply mode of cloth + garment

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Xinxiang chuangwei garment co., LTD.

FR garment manufacturer

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    We are a professional engaged in research and development of functional fabric, new product development, research, production, trade as one of the production-oriented enterprises.All products meet the national standards, European and American standards.Company has a weaving, dyeing and finishing, garment, qc, etc.Its engineering and technical personnel have many years of experience in development of various functional fabrics, with a number of domestic home engaged in functional fabrics developed by scientific research units, raw material production enterprises have close cooperation relations, successfully developed a series of high-level products.Has now formed a series of products are:
A, fluorescent fabrics: terylene fluorescent grey cloth, T/C fluorescence.Polyester cloth fluorescence, nitrile chlorofibre/cotton fluorescence.All can meet EN471 standard, and have fluorescence degree certificate.
Permanent flame retardant, flame retardant fabrics: with CP reuben (PROBAN) type flame retardant, flame retardant and gram weight of 150 g/m2-350 - g/m2 fabrics are cotton, CVC, cotton silk, cotton and linen fabric flame retardant, functional by TUV, SGS and other authoritative organization detect achieve ENISO11612 (formerly EN531), ENISO11611 (the original EN470), ENISO14116 (the original EN533)
Three, anti-static fabric: cotton, polyester cotton, polyester cotton, polyester and so on many kinds of antistatic fabrics, choose imported or domestic high-quality conductive wire, weaving into mosaicism and blended type, conductive performance through EN1149 standard, GB/T12703-1991 standard.
Four, anti acid and alkali fabrics: standards GB / 12012-1989, GB/T3923-1997.
Five, three fabric: fabric, waterproof, oil resistant, easy decontamination function, after processing with imported or domestic additives to perform standard GB/T14577-93, also can match Teflon tags.
Six, other special fabrics: infrared (military supplies), aramid fabric, camouflage fabric nitrile chlorofibre/cotton fabrics.
If you have any fabric needs please contact us.The company has garment factories, processing of various types of clothing.
Integrity, innovation, high quality and service is our business philosophy, safe from science and technology, professional safety is our core technology, we will with the high quality service, warmly welcome domestic and foreign tongren extensive cooperation and common development.

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